Truth, Relief and Brotherly Love


For over 140 years, Excelsior Lodge No.113 has played an important part in the social order of the Lake Minnetonka Region. We carry on the legacy of our brothers in our continuing labors of Truth, Relief and Brotherly Love.


Our Mission

Excelsior Masonic Lodge #113 promotes binding men through the cherished masonic principles or brotherly love, relief and truth to a brotherhood that serves God, family, country, neighbors and self in a manner that transcends religions, ethnicities, cultures, social and educational differences.


Our Values

  • We will be true to the history of our Lodge and the history, ritual and rules of Freemasonry.

  • We will promote and protect the mental, social and physical well-being of our members, candidates and their families

  • We will be active in the community of Excelsior and in the communities in which we live as individual members.


                                                    Grand Lodge of Minnesota                           



                                             Grand Lodge of Minnesota                        


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